What Is Quasar?

Quasar is a laser tag franchise and we believe it’s the best place to play the game. They have been running laser tag games for more than 15 years, hosting them in custom built arenas across the UK. They have their own laser tag equipment and have evolved the core technology to develop our 6th generation gun for more accurate, responsive and reliable gunplay. We also have our own custom game modes, which include Energise, Stun, Supercharge and Eliminator.

Harlow arena is the largest Quasar arena in the UK. It allows up to 30 players at one time and has been specially designed to allow free-flow action and tactical play. You won’t find a battlefield like it anywhere else.

Lasermaxx girl


  • Laser tag is a competitive and thrilling shooting game played with lasers and infrared-sensitive targets. Players need to navigate the arena and “tag” the opposition players to score points. Here at Quasar Harlow we have the largest indoor arena in the UK.

  • Due to health and safety we have an age limit of 6 years and older.

  • Not at all! Laser Tag is for adults and children alike, offering an exciting and enjoyable experience for all. At Quasar Harlow we offer exclusive adult parties as well as corporate nights out. Contact us for more info!

  • Our games run for 30 minutes with a 10-15 minute briefing.

  • Yes, Quasar does not discriminate and has the capability for ALL to play! However it would need to be an exclusive group game for health and safety reasons.

  • The minimum suggested is 4 people to run a Quasar game. There is a minimum of 8 people when booking a birthday party. Please call up to find out availability so you can join others and play!